pro services

Innovation in solutions. Custom projects, SAAS solutions involving big data processing and delivery. Based on or long lasting experience in big data processing research our services feed our clients apps, plugins or digital services


information served

Excellence in big data processing, machine learning and continuous information delivery


global data

big data processing, boost your business through data driven insights

innovative software

custom plugins, highly frequented portals, innovative applications for b2b or b2c

continuous delivery

full service for your applications, we run your services

special consulting

big data processing, machine learning - can we help you with your application?

IT Innovation with fast rollout

Using our data processing framework, cutting edge systems are quickly at your service

Many different projects rely on our framework in data collection, matching and aggregation.

... delivering terrabytes of data every minute to our customers.

Data Projects

Data aggregation! Market insights - earlier than for anybody else.

Application Projects

Application development, innovation for our customers.

Consulting Projects

Development as a passion - fast prototyping, sustainable services

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