Product & Services

  • Data Collection

    Data Collection

    Save money on outsourcing. Our scalable infrastructure allows us to retrieve and analyse all sorts of data provided in the...

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  • Data Matching Algorithms

    Data Matching Algorithms

    Bringing information together is one of the most critical tasks. Using specialized algorithms for data matching we can offer very...

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  • SaaS Services Data Delivery

    SaaS Services Data Delivery

    Lean back! Use our know-how and focus on your business competence. If your service needs any kind of free accessible information,...

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  • Custom Software

    Custom Software

    Beside our own projects, we offer project steering, project management and software development out of one hand. With access to a...

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  • Tool Development

    Tool Development

    Individual dashboards and customized reporting for your business, taylor made software to monitor your data for excellent decisions...  ...

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  • Custom Automated Search

    Custom Automated Search

    Search in your data, search the web - using our technology we can customize it for your, our your BI's,...

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  • Online Marketing Data

    Online Marketing Data

    SEA, SEO - only two parts of the the online-marketing universe. Understanding in detail the complex interactions on and offsite....

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